Building Afghanistan: One School at a Time

Posted By: Zakat Foundation of America

Nov 13, 2009

The already struggling education system in Afghanistan has been virtually destroyed as a result of over three decades of war and strife. Many schools have been closed due to war caused damage and low student turn out. The Zakat Foundation is acting to remedy this with the confidence that education will be the means of change for the social, political and economic stress that has plagued Afghanistan for years.

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The Zakat Foundation has sponsored the repair of a school in the heartland of Afghanistan. The Khazara Kishlak School caters to grades 1 through 8, with a total of 967 students: 517 boys and 450 girls. With 30 full time teachers, the student-teacher ratio is one of the best in the area. At the grand opening in the fall of 2007, the students, along with their parents, heard promising and thankful words from the province’s governor, Mr. Abdul-Ghafur Loudin. Many community leaders attended the ceremony, such as Director of Education Mr. Aynaddin Saraji, who told parents, “If for no other reason, you should send your children to this school to thank and honor The Zakat Foundation for their help.”

The Khazara Kishlak School, along with others sponsored by The Zakat Foundation, is a promising project that hopes to incorporate community involvement in education and other social programs. By the Will of God, the education that these children will receive will serve to improve the lifestyle of the Afghani people.

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