Bringing Smiles to More Orphans: Fifty New Orphans Join Zakat Foundation Sponsorship Program

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Nov 03, 2010

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In October 2010, fifty new orphans from Akkar, Lebanon, officially became a part of the Zakat Foundation of America's Orphan Sponsorship Program. Our Orphan Sponsorship Program links our caring donors with children in need, who have either lost one or both of their parents. Children in the most critical and vulnerable circumstances are chosen to join the Orphan Sponsorship Program. Through the program, they receive funds to offset the costs of schooling, food, and healthcare. For many, these funds are a lifeline and a bridge to a better future.

The Akkar orphans are truly in need of help from compassionate donors. Akkar, a region in Northern Lebanon near the Syrian border, has the lowest rate of urbanization in the country. Although it was not directly affected by the Lebanese civil war, its remoteness, and the long-term presence of Syrian troops, who occupied the area until 2005, contributed to its current economic isolation from the rest of Lebanon. (2) The poverty rates in Akkar are the highest within the entire country of Lebanon.

Today, children and youth (1) constitute a large portion of the population of developing countries. They also represent the largest potential for the human and social capital in their countries. However, many of them are deprived of the opportunities to grow up with good health, and to become educated, productive, and responsible citizens. This not only denies their basic rights now and damages their lifelong prospects, but also hinders their societiesí prospects for economic growth, and contributes to perpetuation of poverty, inequality, and insecurity.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) made it clear to us about the importance of caring for orphans and its reward in the hereafter. In many verses of the Quran, Allah (swt) specifically instructs us to care for orphans.

"They ask you as to what they should spend. Say: Whatever wealth you spend, it is for the parents and the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, and whatever good you do, Allah surely knows it." Al-Baqara (2:215)

Zakat Foundation welcomes these fifty new children to its Orphan Sponsorship Program. We also invite our donors to extend to them the warm hand of generosity, and looks forward to sharing the stories of hope and personal triumph from these special children, with our readers in the near future, inshaíAllah.


  1. A World Fit for Children, New York, UNGASS, 2002

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