Ali Abdo, One Little Survivor’s True Story

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Aug 05, 2011

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As Ali Abdo’s mother was seven months pregnant with him in 2006, his father was killed by an Israeli rocket onto his lorry truck in Beirut, Lebanon. His mother’s deep mourning and sorrow for the passing of her husband increased the risk of adverse health issues for her pregnancy. Named after his father, Ali was prematurely born at eight months. Directly following his birth, he suffered severely from a rare disease. The doctors came to a conclusion that his illness was due to his mother’s high stress and depression in the last few months of her pregnancy.

In dire need of continuous medical treatment and close attention, Ali, along with his brother and sister (Bilal and Nour) were left as orphans with no financial security in Aakar, Lebanon. Their mother’s main concern was to secure food and water for her three children. Alhamdulilah, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) in Lebanon sponsored the family which in return alleviated some hardship for Ali and his family. 

Naturally, the mother is still affected everyday by the tragic death of her husband.  ZF’s family support and orphan sponsorship campaigns in Lebanon lessened their suffering and made their day to day life a little more stable. Change the life of an orphan today through our Orphan Sponsorship Program.

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