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Starting a Food Pantry: What’s For Dinner?

Jun 4th, 2010MSABy: Kamal Deen

Starting a food pantry couldn’t come at a better time, as the price of food is on the rise—about 7 percent this year! ...

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How to Help Neighbors in Need

May 24th, 2010MSABy: Aisha Ali

We all want to see our communities thrive. We want our neighbors and our own families to be taken care of, to be protected. But…

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How to start a successful halaqa group in your Masjid

May 23rd, 2010MSABy: Zakat Foundation

A major component of educating each other is the regular halaqa (study group). When executed correctly, halaqas can provide a regular dose of Islamic knowledge.…

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Zakat Foundation of America, a Muslim charity that collects zakat, sadaqa / donations to provide humanitarian, emergency relief and sustainable development programs to empower lives throughout the world. We offer top Zakat resources including The Zakat Handbook: A Practical Guide for Muslims in the West, Zakat kit, ask an Imam feature, and you can calculate and pay zakat through our easy, online calculator.

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