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Food and water are the basis of life. Zakat Foundation addresses the roots causes of poverty through long-term solutions that ensure permanent access to nutritious food and clean water. Zakat Foundation supports the autonomous organization of the rural and urban poor towards a dynamic and long lasting strengthening of communities from within.

1.5 billion people can not reach clean water in the world. Zakat Foundation's goal is to decrease these number by opening hundreds of wells. Alhamdulillah thousands of people can drink clean water by using the wells that were built from your generously paid sadaqa Jariyah.

"Whosoever digs a well will receive reward for that from Allah on the Day of Judgment when anyone amongs jinn, men and birds drink from it" Hadith Sherif (Bukhari and Muslim).

Please note: The cost of digging wells are variable depending on the country's economic and social condition, location, and terrain as well as the well's technical structure.

Zakat Foundation supports:

  • Digging water wells in areas that need clean water access
  • Community agricultural projects and small scale farming
  • Traditional knowledge dissemination, sustainability planning, and a focus on local economic vitality

Zakat Foundation of America, a Muslim charity that collects zakat, sadaqa / donations to provide humanitarian, emergency relief and sustainable development programs to empower lives throughout the world. We offer top Zakat resources including The Zakat Handbook: A Practical Guide for Muslims in the West, Zakat kit, ask an Imam feature, and you can calculate and pay zakat through our easy, online calculator.

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Zakat Foundation is recognized and registered under 501(c)(3) as a non-profit charity organization; therefore all donations to Zakat Foundation are tax exempt. We are registered in Illinois as Zakat Foundation of America. Our Tax ID is 36-44 76244

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