Udhiya/Qurbani 2009

Seasonal Campaign

Mar 17, 2009

As rain fell on those at Hajj during the final rites of the pilgrimage, drops of mercy fell on tens of thousands of families around the world on the blessed days of Eid ul-Adha.

Zakat Foundation donors gave approximately 4,000 shares of fresh meat to impoverished families in Somalia, widows and orphans in the Gaza Strip, and needy families in other desperate areas in over 30 countries around the globe. Tens of thousands of families benefited. In these hard times, poor and needy men, women and children felt the joys of the holiday as they enjoyed the Feast of Sacrifice with their families. Below is a list of countries where we performed Udhiya/Qurbani 2009:

Countries Our Programs Serve

  • Afghanistan
  • Azad Kashmir
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Burkina Faso
  • Chechnya
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Haiti
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Niger
  • Pakistan
  • Palestine/Gaza
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tajikistan
  • Thailand
  • USA