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Zakat Foundation continues its campaign to promote access to quality education in Afghanistan and this is no small task considering that decades of war have left the Afghan school system in ruins with few functioning schools in many areas. As a matter of fact, the warfare of the 1980’s against Soviet invaders destroyed Afghan educational possibilities to such an extent that it is possible to say that one whole generation in the country grew up without any formal schooling (1).

Now, as the country struggles to improve the conditions of its citizens, education is a foremost priority of the Afghan government and of non-governmental organizations such as Zakat Foundation who are committed to helping the Afghan people help themselves.

Zakat Foundation understands that all levels of the Afghan education system need assistance. Due to the generosity of Zakat Foundation donors, college students at several Afghan universities receive housing assistance and small stipends to offset the expense of educational materials and of living away from home. These educational sponsorships make a big difference in the lives of Afghan youth for whom the expense of room and board can make completing their college educations difficult.

Yet, Zakat Foundation does not forget the needs of those at the beginning levels of the educational spectrum. An estimated eleven out of twenty-five million Afghans are illiterate, many schools lack proper facilities, and the number of qualified teachers remains low (2). Therefore, attention must be given to elementary and high school levels as well.

Through its school rehabilitation and reconstruction program Zakat Foundation continues to address educational infrastructure issues in Afghanistan, which includes many dilapidated school buildings that have fallen into disuse. The recent renovation of two schools, one elementary and another high school in the Bahark district of the remote northeastern province of Badakhshan is proof of Zakat Foundation’s unwavering commitment to building a better Afghanistan. Baharak is known to be one of the least developed districts in Afghanistan where growing opium poppy seems to be the only way some of its inhabitants can imagine securing a stable future for their families.

But Zakat Foundation can imagine a better, different future for Afghanistan. We encourage our donors to show their commitment to the future of Afghanistan’ children by supporting Zakat Foundation’s student sponsorship and school rehabilitation programs in the country.

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