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Healthcare & Nutrition

In the slum districts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, the access to basic and essential healthcare is extremely limited, especially for women. Over 80% of women give birth without any help from a skilled birth attendant.

Most deliveries take place at home, often in conditions of very poor hygiene—placing the lives of both mother and child at risk. From our regional office in Dhaka, Zakat Foundation has established two healthcare facilities that specialize in women’s health, including full care for expectant mother and their children.

Both clinics offer general medicine, pediatric, gynecological care, prenatal and postnatal care for new mothers. Consultation and free medicine are provided, as well as health and hygiene education. The Mother & Child Outdoor Healthcare Clinic in the Rahbari District was established in late February 2009 and has already served hundreds of women and their children. Along with care for expectant mothers, the clinic in Rahbari also provides specialist pediatric care for young children.


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