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Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) Representative to Africa, Dr. Mohammad Abdo, visited Ghana, West Africa during the month of Ramadan to report on the progress of ZF projects, as well as to assess the need for a ZF-run orphanage in Sunyani, a city north of Kumasi.

“While in Sunyani, I met when Zakat Foundation’s Ghana Regional Office Director, Salia al-Hassan, to survey a site for a new Zakat Foundation-run orphanage. This new orphanage will provide food, shelter, education and healthcare to more than forty orphans. The layout of the building will include enough space for the children to live comfortably and socialize, as well as a fully equipped computer lab and library. While in the village of Sunyani, I met some ladies who were selling yams by the roadside. I stopped for a moment to ask them about their business and I was delighted when I heard that, two years earlier, Zakat Foundation gave these women a microloan to help start their business. Their business appeared lucrative as they were able to hire additional workers to meet the demand of their yam sales. Sunyani has become an important hub for the distribution of yams, as well as cocoa, kola nuts and maize. Zakat Foundation’s Microcredit Program has helped lift these women out of poverty. There are endless possibilities of how a few hundred dollars could help some struggling people in the area."

Mohammad Abdo, ZF Africa Representative


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