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Throughout November of 2009, the Zakat Foundation had been diligently working on their goal of installing a water well in North Somalia, and alhamdulilah it was a success.

Located in the region of Somaliland, the well is expected to aid more than 400 families, and it will very much benefit as many as 2,500 people along with their livestock. It was built in an area that is predominantly rural, for that was where clean water was needed most.

Upon realizing Somaliland’s great need for a water well that the Zakat Foundation decided to establish one there. They knew it would provide a healthy and clean water source for the inhabitants of the area, as well as help them tremendously in terms of irrigating the land. The well is twelve meters deep in the ground, with a concrete base of 1.5 meters above surface, and a hand pump attached to the middle of the base. Nearby villagers lent a hand in the creation of the well, and were present at its completion.


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