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A New Hope in Education: Introducing the School of Unity for Scholastic Achievement (SUSA)

In recent months the media has dedicated endless reports to the ensuing financial crisis affecting millions of people in the United States, with special attention being paid to mounting credit card debt. However, Americans' student loans have recently topped $750 billion, an amount equal to their credit card debts; and yet it seems that Americans still have few options for funding quality educations.

It is in order to respond to the need for quality low-cost adult education that Zakat Foundation of America has recently launched its flagship School of Unity for Scholastic Achievement (SUSA). The current jobless rate, scarcity of work, and overall dire condition of the market drives our need to offer such a school. SUSA aims to provide educational opportunities to low income students who otherwise often can't afford the expenses associated with such educational programs.

ZF intends that branches of SUSA will be open across the United States. These schools will offer free educational programs including job and vocational training ESL, A+ and GED training. Our flagship program is currently housed at Universal School in Bridgeview, IL, though in order to accommodate the growing student body it will relocate to its own location in the near future insha'Allah.

Based on the needs and requests of our student body, SUSA will gradually expand the courses it currently offers to include other courses such as Citizenship, Information Technology, Drafting and Design, and even Healthcare and CDL courses insha'Allah. We aim to accommodate students who face additional obstacles by offering internet-based courses, and even training for careers suitable for mothers working from home. Overall, Zakat Foundation's SUSA Institute is focused on empowering and equipping those in our community who face barriers to employment due to limited income, education, or English language skills.

SUSA offers students the support and building blocks to begin and sustain themselves upon their educational journeys that will eventually lead to stable and rewarding careers, insha'Allah. Currently, many of SUSA's registered students are Iraqi and Palestinian refugees, hoping to build secure lives for themselves in their new country. With the Mercy of Allah (SWT), the future of SUSA's graduates will be paved with success.

A New Hope in Education: SUSA Empowering Lives

The School of Unity for Scholastic Advancement (SUSA) has been in session since April 2010 and has been providing the Chicago Suburban South Side Community with support and education in a variety of ways. continue reading »


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