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Myanmar/Burma Crisis Relief

Jul 26th, 2012Emergency Relief

In the last few weeks, Muslims in Burma, also known as Rohingya Muslims, have become targets for ethnic violence across the country. The Burmese government…

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Emergency Landslide Relief in Uganda

Jul 5th, 2012Emergency Relief

A landslide in July 2012, caused by months of flooding in Uganda has left over 100 dead and over 1,000 more homeless. Zakat Foundation of…

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Syrian Humanitarian Relief

Mar 23rd, 2012Emergency Relief

The Syrian situation has escalated almost daily as the government responds to peaceful protests with indiscriminate violence....

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One Year, 100 Wells

Mar 23rd, 2012Emergency Relief

The One Year, 100 Wells project is a plan to build 100 wells in various African countries in need of clean water. Among the countries…

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Emergency Flood Relief in Kenya and Uganda

Feb 23rd, 2012Emergency Relief

In response to the rain-induced floods in Kenya and Uganda, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) responded immediately to aid the people affected by the flooding.…

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Turkey Earthquake Relief

Oct 24th, 2011Emergency Relief

Zakat Foundation of America responds immediately to Earthquakes in Turkey as team dispatched from Istanbul, Turkey. ...

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Pakistan Flood Relief 2011

Sep 16th, 2011Emergency Relief

Pakistan Flood Relief campaign continues to relieve effected families from instability and suffering....

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Somalia Emergency Relief

Sep 1st, 2011Emergency Relief

Somalia faces its worst drought in 60 years as it engulfs the lives of millions. Zakat Foundation of America is there providing food aid in…

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Sadaqa Jariyah

Aug 31st, 2011Emergency Relief

Zakat Foundation’s development/sadaqa jariyah program strives to empower the impoverished of the world through independence and strengthening communities....

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Libya Emergency Relief

Jul 14th, 2011Emergency Relief

ZF launches campaign in Libya to provide aid and support for those fleeing violence. ...

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