Somalia Emergency Relief

Sep 1st, 2011Emergency Relief

Somalia faces its worst drought in 60 years as it engulfs the lives of millions. Zakat Foundation of America is there providing food aid in…

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Water Scarcity in Africa

Dec 1st, 2010Food & Water

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the impact of diarrhoea disease on children is greater than the combined impact of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria; the…

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Aid Somali Refugee Women in Kenya

May 19th, 2010Emergency Relief

Massive amounts of violence and social instability within Somalia have caused many people to flee the country at any cost. In the year 2008 alone,…

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Horn of Africa Humanitarian Crisis

Feb 12th, 2010Emergency Relief

Horn of Africa’s Will to Survive: The worst drought in 60 years is affecting 12 million lives in the Horn of Africa. The United Nations…

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Water Well - Somalia

Dec 8th, 2009Food & Water

Located in the region of Somaliland, the well is expected to aid more than 400 families, and it will very much benefit as many as…

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Somalia Cholera Outbreak

Feb 12th, 2009Emergency Relief

Zakat Foundation allocated $10,000 to an immediate response to the recent outbreak of cholera in Somali refugee camps that caused the death of more than…

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