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Following the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, a number of republics broke away from Russia and became independent nations. Of these republics, The Chechen Republic was prevented from declaring its independence from Russia and caused tension to escalate into a warfare by 1994.

In the year 2000, Russian forces launched a full-scale war in Chechnya, causing a mass exodus of more than 1.5 million people.  Now, the people of the predominantly Muslim and resource poor republic have been battered by years of conflict and displacement. While the major conflicts have ceased, years of fighting has destroyed Chechnya’s infrastructure. Poor infrastructure is persistent as simple necessities such as paved roads are not present in many areas in Chechnya.

*Specific information on Chechnya is scarce and many statistics are disputed as the Chechens are calculated into the whole of Russia or into the North Caucasus region. Chechnya has not been formally recognized by any country as having attained its independence..

Chechnya - Zakat Foundation of America | Zakat Calculator | Muslim Charity | Muslim Aid

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Vital Stats

Population: 1,103,000
Infant Mortality Rate: null
Life Expectancy: 73 years
Major Diseases: No data
Religions: Muslim - approx. 100%
Literacy Rate: no data available
Unemployment Rate: no data available
Poverty Rate: no data available
Natural Hazards: null