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The people of Iraq have suffered greatly from man-inflicted conflicts for decades. The warfare in Iraq that began in 2003 only served to exacerbate what was already a serious humanitarian crisis. This was caused by years of international sanctions and authoritarian rule.

Today, 23 percent of the country's 27 million people live in a poverty that can be blamed on corruption, high unemployment, and ineffective frameworks for shelter.  Hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people and Iraqi refugees have returned home, although an additional one million are still internally displaced, subject to poor living conditions, or are living outside of the country as refugees.

Fear, instability, and food insecurity continue to pervade the lives of those who remain in the country.  Recent droughts have decreased water supplies, devastating agriculture and decimating livestock.  Concerted relief and development efforts must be sustained in Iraq in order to offer its people a way out of poverty.

Iraq - Zakat Foundation of America | Zakat Calculator | Muslim Charity | Muslim Aid

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Vital Stats

Population: 27,000,000
Infant Mortality Rate: 49 deaths / 1000 births
Life Expectancy: 69 years
Major Diseases: No significant risks
Religions: Muslim - 97%
Christian - 3%
Literacy Rate: 40 %
Unemployment Rate: 30 %
Poverty Rate: no data available
Natural Hazards: dust storms, sandstorms, flooding