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Kosovo declared its independence in 2008, after years of tense ethnic conflicts with neighbors in throughout the region. Today, its citizens are the poorest in Europe, and its economy is heavily dependent on the international community to assist them to survive.

A 45% unemployment rate contributes to the high number of Kosovars living below the poverty line. Approximately 37% of the population struggles to survive on less than 2 dollars a day. The financial insecurity and instability that many Kosovars live with is heightened by the rampant societal corruption.  

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Vital Stats

Population: 2,000,000
Infant Mortality Rate: unavailable
Life Expectancy: 74 years
Major Diseases: No significant risks
Religions: Predominantly Muslim
Literacy Rate: 96 %
Unemployment Rate: 32 %
Poverty Rate: 40 %
Natural Hazards: earthquakes