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The country of Malawi faces many social problems, amongst them, a 40% poverty rate, increasing pressure on agricultural lands, corruption, and the devastating spread of HIV/AIDS. AIDS has orphaned nearly half of a million children in the country and plunged entire families into severe poverty.

The majority of Malawi’s poor live in rural areas without access to basic health or education facilities. Recent changes in climate in Malawi over the past few decades has led to drought and flooding which have in turn produced poor crop yields, food shortages and increasing hunger. Food insecurity forces many to make a choice between eating and taking care of other important needs.

Malawi - Zakat Foundation of America | Zakat Calculator | Muslim Charity | Muslim Aid

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Vital Stats

Population: 15,000,000
Infant Mortality Rate: 14 deaths /1000 births
Life Expectancy: 50 years
Major Diseases: High risk of bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever, malaria and plague
Religions: Christian - 80%
Muslim - 13%
Other - 7%
Literacy Rate: 63 %
Unemployment Rate: no data available
Poverty Rate: 50 %
Natural Hazards: no data available