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Muslims make up approximately sixty percent of the population of Sierra Leone that is struggling to rebuild after a decade long civil war that ended in 2002. Significant numbers of people displaced during the war, former combatants and victims of the war’s intense violence have all found it difficult to acquire stable livelihoods.

Poverty is pervasive in this country which has been designated the poorest in Africa, and perhaps the world (despite having large reserves of diamonds). Low agricultural output has lead to high levels of food insecurity in the country. The unavailability of adequate health care and education facilities have intensified the privation of the people of Sierra Leone, as they deal with rampant malaria infections which are the major cause of death of children under the age of five.

Sierra Leone - Zakat Foundation of America | Zakat Calculator | Muslim Charity | Muslim Aid

Suwari Mosque - Sierra Leone

The Dr. Wafaa Suwari Mosque was constructed and completed over the summer of 2009 in Salina Songo, Sierra Leone. The village populace, including the local imams and village elders, attended the opening of the new mosque, and received Zakat Foundation’s donation with so much gratitude and respect toward the organization in a way that defied even those descriptions. Zakat Foundation… continue reading »

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Vital Stats

Population: 6,700,700
Infant Mortality Rate: 45 deaths / 1000 births
Life Expectancy: 41 years
Major Diseases: High degree of risk; bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, dengue fever, malaria, Rift Valley fever, yellow fever, and rabies
Religions: Muslim - 60%
indigenous beliefs - 30%
Christian - 10%
Literacy Rate: 35 %
Unemployment Rate: no data available
Poverty Rate: 75 %
Natural Hazards: dry, sand-laden harmattan winds blow from the Sahara (December thru February); sandstorms/dust storms