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Despite having the world's sixteenth largest economy, an estimated 19 percent of Turkey’s population lives in poverty.  Unequal resource distribution contributes to regional disparities, with the Eastern and South-Eastern regions less prosperous than Turkey’s Western region.

The southeastern part of Turkey, Guneydogu Anadolu, is the poorest part of the country. A high percentage of people in this area survive off of work in the agricultural sector, but the region lacks the necessities that will meet the residents’ basic needs in terms of education, employment, and health care.

Zakat Foundation of America recognized the great need in Turkey's southeastern region, and has been active in the region since 2006. Our programs there distribute food packages and iftar dinners during the month of Ramadan.

An example of one of our perpetual charity/development (sadaqa jariyyah) projects in the country is Emine Fadda Elementary School, which Zakat Foundation built in Southeastern Turkey. The school provides a complete, standard curriculum from 1st thru 8th grades and can accommodate up to 500 students.

Turkey - Zakat Foundation of America | Zakat Calculator | Muslim Charity | Muslim Aid

Turkey Earthquake Relief

Turkey Earthquake Relief - Zakat Foundation of America | Zakat Calculator | Muslim Charity | Muslim Aid

Zakat Foundation of America responds immediately to Earthquakes in Turkey as team dispatched from Istanbul, Turkey. continue reading »

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Vital Stats

Population: 73,000,000
Infant Mortality Rate: 40 deaths / 1000 births
Life Expectancy: 73 years
Major Diseases: No significant risks
Religions: Muslim - 99%
Christian and Jewish - 1%
Literacy Rate: 87 %
Unemployment Rate: 11 %
Poverty Rate: 22 %
Natural Hazards: Severe earthquakes especially in northern Turkey